MapToast is a small group of independent illustrators and artists providing some of the best location maps on the web. We've been providing maps to online, broadcast, and traditional media for more than a dozen years. We know what works, and what doesn't.

If you run a business, you need to be found. A bad map on your website could be a disaster as customers struggle to find you. Not only will you probably lose the sale, but chances are good that you'll lose them forever.

A custom map from MapToast can turn that potential pitfall into a benefit! Imagine how your establishment will shine when you've provided your customer with one of our clear, concise maps!

MapToast website packages are available starting at under $300! Our basic website map package includes thumbnail and full size versions of your map, at sizes you specify. Additional fonts and colors are available in all packages at no additional charge. High resolution printable versions, PDFs, special illustrations and custom hand-drawn maps are also available. We know that roads close and traffic signals are added, things change. In the event of a change, all MapToast maps are kept on file, meaning revisions are available at reduced prices.

Hand-drawn, computer-labeled wedding invitation maps are available starting at just under $100. Wedding maps are delivered as photo-ready artwork, ready for your printer to incorporate into your invitation package.

Email us to find out what we can do for your business!
Some samples of MapToast maps...

This Northern-Virginia-based auto repair chain is currently using one of our maps for each location. The maps make it easy for customers to find the shops and save the service managers' time giving directions to customers. Our maps are simple enough to use while driving, and print beautifully.   Click to view larger GIF
A hand-drawn map can make a nice impression when included with your wedding invitation. This map was produced for a wedding in northern New Jersey and includes a magnifying glass motif to provide added detail as the user gets closer to the event. Although hand-drawn, all labeling was completed using the latest computer illustration techniques, allowing for maximum legibility. This was important when considering the small final size needed to fit the printed map into the wedding invitation.   Click to view larger GIF
Another automotive client, this map is unique in that it uses various levels of shading to represent the urban portion of Baltimore, as well as hewing much closer to the actual geography of the city, especially when compared to some of our more graphical maps. As always MapToast artists work with the client to develop the best solution to their unique needs.   Click to view larger GIF
Don't discount the value of aerial photos! Our overlay maps can give precise local directions, delineate areas for development or resource protection, or whatever you wish to show. In addition to producing clean annotations, we have experience finding and purchasing aerial photos for your project or website.   Click to view larger JPEG
This nationally known racecar fabricator has had customers tow their vehicles a thousand miles for his services. The map needed to show not only how to get to his somewhat-hidden location from within the area, but how to find the area from within the region! By increasing the scale of the map as you move away from the location, and reducing the detail, the map serves not only local, but long distance purposes as well!   Click to view larger GIF
Does your organization need a poster-sized map of downtown, showing businesses, logos and phone numbers? These maps can be great fundraisers! Unlike the advertising maps produced by our competitors, MapToast strives to maintain a realistic look of the downtown area so that in addition to providing valuable advertising, they can actually be used as maps. By stretching scales to fit advertisements, but keeping valuable road and intersection information in place, we produce a sharp, clear product whose usefulness means it won't get thrown away!   Click to view larger GIF